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Innovation through products and applications 

The innovation programme

De belangrijkste kracht van de Club of Notes is de voortdurende inzet van haar internationale netwerk in de creatie en ontwikkeling van innovatieve nieuwe producten en producttoepassingen

Paper innovations

The Club innoveert op twee verschillende manieren. One, within the print production companies represented by its membership and the collaboration between the membership as a whole. And two, via a project based relationship working with young minds in internationally recognised universities specialising in business studies and project design. Both are managed by the Club’s Innovation Team.

The output of from this programme is presented annually at the Club of Notes annual convention, where members have the opportunity to exchange ideas and benchmark their performance - all part of the unique Club of Notes concept

Products and applications

If the innovation programme only provided us with 1 result, it would be that the innovation process is capable of delivering valuable new developments in the creation of products and the use of existing ones in new applications.

For example, these two recent examples from the programme in the opposite column.

Pocket Notes

Pocket Notes were the creation of Sylwester Szymanski, a student at the University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. Through his project, Sylwester discovered the requirement for a printed sticky note and marker set to be packaged and presented in such a way that it could be conveniently used on the move.

The result you see here, which is now in production and available through Club of Notes members.

Pocket notes

Sticky Tips

This innovative product application was created by a team from the ESCE International Business School in Paris, led by Sophie Leang. What Sophie and her team realised was the unique capability of sticky notes to carry a varied set of conventional printed tips of information, together with printed links to electronic sources of information.

The result was Sticky Tips, examples of which were created for the energy, diet foods and diapers market.

Paper innovation